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Hey followers!

What gets you hot? What gets you fucking TURNED ON!?

Lemme know and i’ll post more of it  ;)

Oh yeah, and if you’re female, double points if you turn me on  ;)

I wish..

That I could have sex with ALL my followers!  

If you feel the same way about me.. message me!  ;)

ok.. So here’s a top 10 list of my favorite things about sex. Made up on the spot.

Now since I’m making these up as I go along, I’m starting with the #1, and going down.

1. The feeling of a hard cock, sliding into a warm, wet pussy is the best feeling any human can feel.  It’s completely different than anything else we can possibly do to ourselves.  It’s the hardest, softest, warmest, wettest, bestest fucking feeling in the world.  I love masturbation, but no amount of stroking or fingering can compare to an amazing fuck.

2. Looking into her eyes while she slowly gyrates on top of me.  I can see her passion and crazy, uncontrolled lust.  I know that she is feeling the exact same ecstasy as me, and that we’re sharing it together while looking into each other’s beautiful fucking eyes.

3. Having 2 free hands to caress and massage her body while she rides me.  I want to run my hands up and down her body, all over everywhere I can reach.  This also includes pulling her down hard, pushing my cock even deeper into her pussy. Which leads me to..

4. That strange ability to make her entire body shiver and tense up by unexpectedly flexing my dick.  Especially when I have my hands on her and can feel the shiver on her skin, her nipples, or even the hairs on the back of her neck..

5. Kissing during sex. Which can mess up your rhythm a little at first, but that only lasts a moment.  It’s worth it when you’re able to enjoy the full eroticism of a kiss while being inside such an amazing pussy, or feeling a cock push itself deep inside your dripping pussy.  I love playing with her tongue with my tongue. Lightly biting her lips, and tugging them back slowly.  Damn I love kissing during sex.

6. Hearing her moan. Dear god I love to hear her moan right next to my ear. Uncontrolled groans when I hit the right spot are both encouraging, and highly erotic. Nothing else will make my dick jump quite so hard.

7. Going straight from a blow job, to sex.  I’m not really sure why I enjoy this so much. I think it has to do with how much saliva there still is on there, but when I finally slide myself into her, there’s a completely noticeable difference.  It’s smoother, and after a minute or so of good fucking, it’s wiped clean and back to normal, which, don’t get me wrong, is FUCKING AMAZING.  :-P

8. Foreplay! This should actually be a bit higher on the list. Looking back i’d say it’s up there around 4th. Anyway, I love teasing a girl. Using my fingers, lightly brushing across her skin. Across her nipples or down her stomach. And of course using my tongue to lick her nipples, while i gently begin to explore her pussy softly with my fingers.  I love kissing her on the neck, letting my hands explore, and pulling her into me.  This is a definite recipe for some upcoming sex  :)

9. Experiencing a new lover’s body for the first time.  This is so exciting! Touching this new person in erotic ways, and experiencing their responses for the first time ever. There’s so much luscious skin to be gazed upon and played with  :)  Also, the boat goes the other way too  :-D  This new lover will no doubt do things to you that you haven’t felt before. New exciting things.

10. Finally i’ll say.. I dunno. Cumming. I suppose it has to go on the list somewhere. It’s fucking awesome! But it’s definitely not my favorite part of sex.  It’s just the amazing release at the end  ;)

I’ll be happy to hear some of YOUR favorite things about sex  :)  I’ll even post some up unless you wanna keep things private  ;)   Now go have some great fucking sex!!

Who wants a dick

In, or around their pussy?

Who else gets really excited

When you unexpectedly find yourself home alone?   ;)

Hey Tumblr Girls!

When you masturbate.. do you like to use your fingers? or a dildo?

Do you use fantasy? or look at porn?

When you cum do you curl your toes? Do you squirt?

Please message me. We need to discuss this  ;)

or email, if you wanna chat  :-D


Wow.. the storm here just went crazy

It’s POURING water. And the thunder just set off 2 car alarms on my street.

NYC Thunderstorms! WOOOOOO!

Hey new followers! <3

I gotta say, I love when girls with non-porn related Tumblrs follow me  :)  It gives me a rush knowing even non-kinky girls can enjoy some sexy fucking pictures!

message me sometime!  ;)  We have alot to talk about.

Any girls in NY wanna have a 3-some?

Cuz I do.


Yo what’s up?

My name is Dre.

Can I smoke some chronic with you?

you raelly need to post a picture of your sexy self

Well i’ve got a few pictures of my sexy self  :)  But you’ll have to email me if you want to exchange some pics.  This dick only comes out for people i’ve gotten to know a little.. and don’t worry, I’m quick to make friends  ;)

P.S. If you’re cool and we hit it off.. I’ve got AIM, Yahoo, and iChat, and I’m a huge fan of webcamming  :-D

do you really enjoy all shapes of women?
i think its beautfiul the variety you post... its hard to find men like you, who appriciate all of gods women(:

Of course I love all women!  Every woman was something beautiful about them.  Their skin, their face, their body… No matter what it is, all women are beautiful. Skinny bitches.. Eat a damn hamburger!! you’re so much more beautiful with some meat on your bones.  ;-)


I'm a 27 year old guy who loves all women, and just can't get enough of them :) I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy putting it out there.

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