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Who’s gonna hit this blunt?  :-D

Fuck i’m drunk.

I wish I could invite all my wonderful followers over to party with me.  We might all end up naked.

So if I walked into your bedroom right now, what would you do to me?

I would be surprised, first of all because i’m naked.  But as long as you stripped down too, i’d sit you on my lap and we would go through some porn together  :)

i wish i was having a shower right now, and suddenly the door opens and shuts, and then my shower curtain opens and there you are, you step in and start to kiss me passionatly, and as your finger tips wonder down my wet body they reach my pussy, and as you probe around my vagina, your mouth is slowly moving down my body kissing and lightly sucking on my nipples, and as you get to my vagina your tongue slowly circles my clit, then your tongue is inside me, im moaning and screaming in pleasure as your eating me out. then as im completly oblivious as to what our doing because im in a world of enjoyment you slide your cock into me and you thrust deep in and out of me. and we're kissing tongues in eachothers throats, and then in one big push you come inside me, my head spins, as you groan loudly and bite hard on my lip....

That’s beautiful anon!  Thank you so much, you’ve truly made my night  :-D

I love that you think about us.. having some fun in the shower. Does thinking about that make you horny? Does the thought of my cock make your pussy wet?

Come back, and tell me what you did about it  ;)

you're sexy as fuck. i'd totally give my v-card to you, and i'd fuck you for days. i love how you love women. god, what i'd give to meet you...

Wow, you just made my day  :)  I’m sure i’d love to meet you too!

..keep in touch  ;)

So.. I might be too drunk to jerk off..

Fuck. I wish I had a girl here who could just suck my dick right now.

Hey Dirty Tumblrs!!

So, the question of the day is.. Do you masturbate with your right hand, your left hand, or both?  :)   Explain if you’re feeling naughty  ;)

Tell me more about yourself.

I’m a Virgo and my favorite kind of pizza is Pepperoni.  My favorite thing in the world is Music, followed by Movies, Food, and Porn.

I Drink 10-15 beers a week, Smoke weed every day, Live with and near my friends, Dance at every opportunity (Even when the only music playing is in my head), Love to read, Don’t have cable, and would go to any length to please a girl sexually.

Naked Tumbling!

My favorite thing to do before bed  :)

Playing some COD Modern Warfare 2 in 10 minutes

Send me a message by then w/ your gamertag and i’ll add you, and we can play  :)

..otherwise send it whenever, and i’ll add it next time  ;)

Apparently when I get drunk..

This becomes a personal tumblr  :-P

And loses popularity.  OK then! Moar naked women for the masses!!



I’m fucking hard as a rock

Anyone have any suggestions on where I should get off? go-to is searching google videos for “amateur teen orgasms”  or “Amateur dorm fucking”   ;)

I just got out of the shower

I’m tumbling naked. And damn it feels good  :)

if 666 is the number of the devil.. does that mean i’m 10 times as devilish?  ;)


I'm a 27 year old guy who loves all women, and just can't get enough of them :) I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy putting it out there.

Sexy Little Porn Questions


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