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what do you look like? ;)

If you weren’t anon I could send you a pic!

But I’m 6’2, with short dark hair, a beard, and deep blue-green eyes with specks of gold.  :)

what is your favorite tumblr for sex questions?

Well, it’s honestly never occurred to me to turn to tumblr for any of my sex questions.  So i’m sorry to say I can’t give you a favorite.  But umm.. You could go to mine!  Haha, I run it with a sexy girl that unfortunately lives on the other side of the world.  I can’t say I check it as often, but there’s two of us to pick up the slack.  ;)

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you might recognize the background. :D

P.S. Check these out!!!  ;)

So I have tomorrow off work..

Anyone living in the area wanna stop by?   ;)

..for Brass Monkeys and a blunt.  :D would you fuck me if you could?

Slowly and softly.  At first.

But after I eat out your pussy, sucking on your clit and fingering your lips, I’d pull you up, push you against a wall, and fuck you right there.  Slamming into the walls, eventually falling into bed.  I’d spin you around and take you from behind.

Slapping your ass with every few thrusts.  Then i’d lay on my back, so that you could ride me while I played with your nipples, and fingered your clit.  I’d grab your ass and grind you into me, arching my back to fully fill you up.

Then I would push you over onto your back, and start fucking you myself.  Holding up your legs, I’d start slamming into you.  Over and over until we were both screaming in orgasm.

Then i’d take you to the shower, and turn on the water..


Check out me with some free Tumblr swag from a Tumblr meet up.   ;)
I'm sittiing on my bed, wet and horny. What would you do to me if you were here?

I’d push you back onto your back, throw your legs over my shoulders, and shove my mouth into your pussy.  Hungrily sucking on your clit and pussy lips.

I would finger you with two fingers, digging up, and spinning around every once in awhile, all while sucking on your clit, flicking my tongue across it, and taking long, slow licks across it.

Then I would kiss my way up your body, taking as many detours as possible, finally reaching your lips, kissing and sucking on each one, before sticking my tongue out just enough to lightly wet your lips with the tip of my tongue.  I would lightly bite your lower lip, sucking on it as I gently pull it away.

My hands would be roaming all over your body..  My dick already hard pressed between your legs, gently rubbing up and down your pussy, the shaft dragging across your clit.  Over and over..  <333

Then you’d reach down, pure lust and need in your eyes, finding the base of my dick, and shove me deep inside you.  We would start slowly, trusting deeply, still kissing and looking into each other’s eyes.  You’d let go of me to brace yourself against the headboard as I scoop my arms under your knees, lift up your ass so that your pussy lines right up to my cock, and start swinging your hips into me, as I thrust forward with each swing.

After awhile I would flip you over, prop up your ass, and fuck your pussy from behind, slapping it when I speed up.

I’d roll onto my back, and pull you onto me, straddling my hips, you would slowly lower yourself onto my dick, sticking straight up, and sliding right into you.  You would start to slowly grind forwards and back, feeling my dick slide in and out of you at all the best angles.  I would start arching my back, and thrusting my cock further into you with each forward grind.

I would reach up and start playing with your nipples, right as you start picking up speed, grinding faster and faster, eventually just bouncing up and down on my cock.  Your squeezing tight pussy would milk my cock, finally throbbing and shooting cum deep inside you as we both came.  :)

So can I come over? 

Is there anything else you think about beside sex?

Yeah! I think about and listen to music constantly (Punk, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Ska..) I think about movies i’ve seen recently, things I have to do later, when the last time I read was, and when the next time i’ll be able to read is. I wonder where my roommates and friends are, and what they’re doing.  I think about what the weather is gonna be later in the day so in case I go out I won’t get fucking rained on.  I try to remember what’s playing at the IFC Center then worry about missing it.  I think back to opening Facebook in the morning, and try to remember if it was someone important’s birthday today and if I should call them, text them, or just show up on their doorstep with a hug and a 12-pack of beer. Or wine! I think about when the last time I changed my cat’s litter box was, then I wonder what he’s doing.  I see skyscrapers and I try to imagine how THE FUCK someone could possibly build something of that magnitude.  Then I get in the elevator and wonder if I could figure out how to escape through the ceiling hatch.  I wonder what the president actually does every day.  I see beautiful graffiti all over the walls and I think about how fucking TALENTED you have to be, to be able to paint like that, and ALL under the watchful eye of the government!  I think about how much MONEY is wasted constantly by the government because of stupid, out-of-date policies and restrictions on money use that require branches to just WASTE money unnecessarily when the money CLEARLY needs to be more evenly distributed. Like to fucking SCHOOLS.  And don’t get me started on the Fed. If the US dollar doesn’t crash in my lifetime i’ll be sooooo shocked.  So after contemplating/daydreaming about a possible life after a global apocalypse (Zombie or otherwise), I’ll usually go over my obligations for the day, and make sure i’m not forgetting anything.  But mostly I rack my brain 24/7 trying to figure out how I can apply EVERY SINGLE THING i’ve ever learned in my life, to figuring out how the FUCK I can create anything that people even moderately like.

Need some advice? COME GET SOME!!

Brand Spankin’ New Advice Blog!!  Just made it with my new friend and fellow Porn Lover

Come visit me!  <3

I’m literally passing out at my computer


You can't talk in the name of all the men around the world but, in general, when it comes to women's pussys, how do you guys like it the most.... not shaved/half shaved/totally shaved?

Haha, well all i can really speak for is myself.  But in my opinion I like no hair, to a medium amount.  If you’ve shaved sometime in the last… 3 weeks, then you’re good.  Really, the only solid guideline I can give is this (And this goes for girls and guys).  If your pubic hair is long enough that a piece could conceivably come off while you’re receiving oral, and get caught in the other person’s teeth.. trim that shit!

I need a girl to jump into bed with.


what can I say?

I’m a flirt.

I think I like amateur self-shot photos so much

Because i’m secretly hoping i’ll see some girl I went to High School or College with  O:-)


I'm a 27 year old guy who loves all women, and just can't get enough of them :) I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy putting it out there.

Sexy Little Porn Questions


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