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Priceless NYC pedestrian logic I witnessed today:

Definitely safe to Jay-walk right in front of a cop car, because he won’t hit me!

Story for a friend

Haha this is a quick little scenario i’m writing for a friend.

When I get home from work one day, I find you laying out on my couch,under a blanket, watching some TV, waiting for me.  I walk up as you flip of the TV, a wicked grin on your face.  You pull me down onto the couch, and I crawl under the blanket.  I’m instantly met with your naked skin against my clothes.  I pull you in for a kiss as you begin loosening my shirt and pants..
Freeing me from my clothes, I begin kissing down your body.  Across your 12C breasts, and down your cute smooth stomach..  Finally I reach your legs.  Kissing each thigh, I slowly move between them.  Kissing softly up your pussy lips, I follow it with a long hard lick all the way up to your clit.  Stopping to circle it with the tip of my tongue, I begin to suck on it lightly.
Moving back down I plunge my tongue inside you.  Licking and sucking on your lips as my nose flirts with your clit.  I’d suck on each side of your pussy. Licking up all the juices I can, until you’re absolutely dripping.  Then i’d kiss back up your body, kissing your neck and mouth, and finally sliding my cock into you.
I’d roll us over so that you were on top, riding and grinding into me..  I’d reach up and play with your nipples while you moved faster and faster..  building up speed, our moaning getting louder and louder until we both yell.  Your pussy tightens around my cock, and I begin jerking and twitching inside you.  Finally we both tense up, and you collapse on top of me, pulling the blankets back over us.  You lay your head on my chest for a nap, before we both get up to shower..   ;) 

I love reading through you're response to girls, you remind me of 50 shades. Oh wow, the thought is orgasmic. What would you do to me? I'm skinny, brunette and a virgin to everything. Come on 50 shades of fucked up, do your worst!

Mmmmm, I love brunettes..  ;)  You sound like you need a little kink in your life..  So the first thing i’d do, besides ripping all your clothes off, is to tie you up to my bed.  I’d tie your arms to 2 posts, and one of your legs to the foot of the bed.  I’d leave your second leg free, so that I could twist you and pull you into me..  ;)

Bust first i’d start by kissing up your body.. Starting on the leg that’s tied down, i’d kiss up to your knee, past your thigh, and gently kiss you right on your pussy lips.  But I wouldn’t stop there.  I’d kiss up your belly, making sure to spend time on each of your nipples, giving each a little suck.  ;)  Then i’d kiss up to your neck, nibbling it while my hands roamed around your body.  Roughly squeezing your thighs and tits.  Then i’d crawl completely over you, kissing you hard on the mouth.

You’d feel my cock pressing into your pussy lips, so i’d reach down and rub my head up and down your lips.  Spreading your juices all over myself and your aching pussy.  I’d wait until you were arching your back, trying desperately to push your body against mine, trying to feel my cock deeper inside you..  Then finally i’d thrust forward, slamming my throbbing cock into you.  I’d hold your hips against me while we basked in the amazing feeling of that first penetration..  I’d grab a breast with one hand while I slowly slide my cock out of you..  Not completely, but leaving just the head of my cock inside you, then slowly sliding all the way back inside you until I hit the back of your pussy.

I’d look into your eyes to see only absolute lust, so i’d start pumping into you faster and faster..  Picking up speed as our moaning gets louder and louder.  But I wouldn’t stop until you were screaming.  I’d twist your nipples and pound my cock into you..  Never slowing down.

Finally i’d start to feel your pussy tightening around my cock, milking it..  My own dick would start to jerk and spasm inside you, we’d pick up the speed, fucking with reckless abandon, so close..

Then your pussy lips would clamp down as a final scream leaves your lips, my cock would explode inside you in response.  2.. 3.. 4 final thrusts before we’ve collapsed on top of each other.  out of breath, but still cuddling and kissing each other’s necks.

We fall asleep together after I untie you, and dream of the next morning.. when we get to shower together.  ;)

Moved again!

Hey guys. So I’ve moved back to Cali! But I dont have my computer yet, so I can’t answer any messages on this phone app. =/
Rest assured, i’ll get back to plenty of naughty shenanigans soon enough. ;) Until then.. I hope you continue enjoying my queue. :D

I want you to tell me what would happen. We talk often on your blog and you know I'm a virgin but I invite you come to my house, and you do. I answer the door wearing heels and a rather short skirt that I figured you would enjoy. I kiss you lightly sucking gently on your lip as I pull you into the house and close the door pressing my body to yours. Giggling I take your hand and lead you upstairs to my room, pushing you on the bed and climbing on top telling you how much I want you..

Mmmm well i’d be rock hard already..  I’d begin to pull off your shirt while you work on my belt.  By the time my cock springs free, i’m already playing with your naked breasts, rolling your nipples between my fingers.

You spin around, pushing your panty-free pussy in my face, so that I can lick it up good while you start sucking on my dick.  Finally once my dick is dripping with spit, I spin you around again, and let you SLOWLY sink down onto my cock.  I fill you up inch by inch..  I can feel your spit and cum dripping down the side of my cock, as I flex inside you, making you gasp and grab my chest for support.  Finally you drop down all the way, and just sit there as we both enjoy the best feeling in the world..  ;)

I grab your hips and start pulling you forward and back.. Rocking my cock in and out of your tight pussy..  I lean forward to pull your nipples into my mouth.  Sucking on each one while my hand reaches down and finds your clit.  I start rubbing it to the rhythm of our fucking.  We begin to pick up speed and as we both become more vocal.  You begin moaning uncontrollable while I bite my lip and groan into a pillow.

I can’t take anymore so I flip us over, and start really pounding into you..  faster and faster until we’re both screaming..  My cock is spasming inside you.. your pussy is clenching down on me, milking my cock..

Finally we collapse on each other, moaning softly and giggling to each other.  And it’s there where we fall asleep holding each other, but dreaming of the awesome shower that’ll come a few hours later.  ;)

Yeah thanks (: so, would you write me a story? I'm so horny right now and no one to fuck. I want you to fuck me in your favourite position.

Hehe alright but quick.  I’m horny too and plan on doing something about it..  ;)

Mfff but if you were here right now.. I’d throw you onto the bed, and strip you naked.  I’d pull off my clothes and crawl up your body.  My hands would roughly explore your body.  Rubbing your nipples.. massaging down to your pussy.  I’d let my fingers sink into you, rubbing your pussy lips and pushing into your clit.

Then when you were nice and wet.. I’d turn you so that you were lying on your right side.  I’d straddle your right leg, sliding up until my cock was pressing against your pussy..  I’d grab your left leg, and hold it against my body, using it to get leverage and pull myself into you..

Then once I was fully in you, my hands would continue moving up and down your body.. playing with your tits, all while I kept up a steady fucking.

That’s my faaavorite position, because I can get in soooo deep.  Usually I can feel the back of a girl’s pussy like this..   :)

And you should send me a message or two from your blog.. I think i’m gonna like talking to you.  ;)

I want your cock inside me..

Hehe yeah?  Well maybe we can go to the mall sometime.. You can browse the lingerie, and when we find something especially sexy.. I’ll follow you to the dressing room area.  I’ll sit outside the rooms like a good boy.  But the second the sales lady is distracted, i’ll slip in behind the curtain.

You jump, slightly surprised, but you turn and smile as you wrap your arms around me and I kiss you hard.  You’ve already kicked off your shoes and undone your belt..  So i’d begin pulling your pant legs down, and slipping them off your ankles.  Then i’d kiss up your legs, giving your thighs extra attention..  ;)

Finally i’d stop at your panties.. already slightly wet through the fabric.  I’d kiss it hard, feeling my lips and nose pushing into your pussy.  You’d moan and pull my face into you harder..  I’d rip off your panties, taking in your gorgeous vagina.. then i’d dive right in, licking and sucking.. pushing my tongue deep inside you.. and taking your clit between my lips.

I’d reach up and begin tugging on your shirt.  You get the hint and pull it off, letting my hands caress your breasts over and under your bra..  You unsnap it, and instantly my fingers find your hard nipples..

Twisting them, I start kissing up your body again.  Up your stomach, stopping to suck on each nipple.  By the time i’m standing straight up, I start kissing your neck, and your hands instantly begin fussing with my belt.

I’d drop my pants while kissing you, and you reach down to caress my rock hard cock through my boxers..  You finish stripping me, when I reach up, and pull our selection off a hook.

Helping you into the sexy underwear, I let my hands caress your whole body, taking in the fabric covering your soft skin..  standing behind you, my hands have found your pussy and tits, rubbing you through the fabric.

You twist your head to kiss me, and I suggest we break in the new outfit..  You moan and push yourself into me..  I bend you over, and pull the panties aside.  You’re already dripping wet, so I let my cock head play around the entrance of your pussy, teasing you until you start rocking your ass back into me, trying to impale yourself.

Finally I catch your eyes in the mirror and see the passion and lust in your eyes.  So I finally slam myself into you, driving my cock all the way home.  You ALMOST yell out, but catch yourself and bite down on your hand before we get caught.

You reach out with your other hand, holding yourself up against the mirror while I slide my throbbing cock in and out of your delicious pussy..  I reach around and slip my hand into your panties.. Massaging and playing with your clit while I speed up my pace.

Your moaning gets louder and louder as we both get close.  So I grab your pair of underwear from the bench, and shove it in your mouth.  You groan even loader, looking right into my eyes in the mirror as I fuck you harder and harder.  Finally I feel your pussy squeezing and contracting.. My cock spasms inside you, and we both cum, clutching onto each other as hard as we can.  You feel your already juicy pussy fill up with my shooting cum, and your pussy responds by tensing and cumming again..

As I pull out, the lingerie snaps back into place, ready to catch all our mixed juices and keep them from running down your leg. the cash register, the young woman ringing up our purchase is scanning your panties as she catches a whiff of our sex.  She pauses, looking confused.  She looks up at us, and instantly blushes and looks away.  You look her in the eye and wink, taking your bag of dirty lingerie, and walking out of the store on my arm.


im so ridiculously horny right now hun its not even funny. tell me something good to get me off pretty please? ;)

Mmmmm..  Well my dick is soooo fucking hard..  I could just lay back in bed..  let you crawl up my naked body, and slide yourself down on my hard, rigid cock.  Arching my back, and grabbing your tits, and would grind my cock into you.. 

Does that sound good babe?  <333

Who wants to come over and cuddle?

I’m gonna sleep in for another 30-40 minutes..  So feel free to just crawl in my bed and join me.  :)


My night with D

After a long 5 and a half hour plane ride, I was eager to show up at your door.  I ring the bell.  I can feel my heart beating out of my chest.  Finally you open the door, and my breath catches.  Seeing you for the first time is just as amazing as I imagined.  I drop my bag as you jump into my arms.  Kissing my neck and holding on tightly.   I run my hands up your back, massaging you while we embrace.  You pull away and we get a good look at each other.  My eyes stray from your sparkling eyes and smile to your tantalizing cleavage..

You catch me looking tho, and grin.  Grabbing my belt, you pull me inside, and tell me that you’ve been waiting.

I follow you to the bedroom, dropping my bag in the hallway, I pull off my shirt and drop it too.  When we get to the room, you turn around and before you can say anything, I kiss you hard, pushing you back onto the bed.  You pull off your shirt, but before you can take it off completely, I grab the shirt.  Still wrapped around your arms, I quickly tie the shirt into a bow.  Pinning your arms behind you, leaving you completely helpless to me.

I rip off your pants, roughly pulling aside your panties and rubbing my hands over your wet, dripping pussy.  I rub my fingers up and down your slit.. Circling and pressing down on your clit..  When my fingers are sinking deeeeep inside you, and your juices are running freely, I know you’re ready.  So I pull down my pants the rest of the way, and free my rigid cock.  Lining it up with your pussy, I slam myself into you from behind.  Your face is buried in your pillows while I slam into you over and over again..

All you can do is moan and yell.  Your hands clench the sheets.  Gripping tighter and tighter as I slam into you..  You can’t take it any more, you start all out screaming when I hold you up and continue slamming into you.  I reach around and pinch your clit..

That drives you over the edge.. Your pussy clenches down on my cock, and milks me.  I explode inside you, my dick spasming inside your soaking wet cunt.  I can feel our cum dripping out of your pussy as it clenches and relaxes involuntarily..

You fall asleep under my arm..  With me inside you, ready to fuck you again as soon as one of us wakes up..  ;)

Edit: I’m sorry to say this is not a true story.  Just a fantasy written out for a VERY sweet follower.  <333

I'm 5'3, brunette, weigh 115 lbs, and im 19, describe a scenario for me love?(;

Haha alright..  Tell me if you enjoy it.  ;)

Today you find yourself coming home late from class.  Opening the door to your dorm, The first thing you notice is me, waiting for you on the bed.  I jump up to hug you, and you can’t believe your eyes.  I made an early flight and was able to come a whole day early.

You pounce on me, knocking me onto the bed.  I kiss you hard, rolling us over, and holding your wrists down while I kiss you.  I kiss your lips, then down your neck, and across your chest..  Slowly I continue kissing down your body, brushing past your nipples through the fabric of your shirt.

Unbuttoning your pants, I slide them off you.  Kissing the insides of your thighs, I go back and forth.  Barely letting my tongue glide across the fabric of your panties..  I can taste you on the very tip of my tongue.  Finally I stop and give you a long, hard kiss right between your pussy lips.  Sucking on your lips through the fabric brings out more and more juices.  You struggle to pull them off as quickly as your can while I massage and tickle your thighs while you frantically try to get naked as quickly as possible.

Finally you kick away your panties and spread your legs, itching to rub your pussy yourself, to relieve some of the building pressure.  But I hold your arms back, and lean back in to continue sucking on those lips..

I let my tongue run up and down your dripping wet pussy lips.  Stopping at the clit to flick it with my tongue.  I close my lips on it, and suck it into my mouth while flicking my tongue across it from behind my lips.

As your body starts to rock and buck against my face, I let my hands slide up your legs, letting my fingers slide up and down your moist lips, slipping two in, bending them up and twisting them around..  I’d make you gasp by plunging my mouth back into your clit, sucking and licking it while rubbing and massaging my fingers inside you.  Beckoning inside you, I follow the rhythm of your body.  Your bucking gets so intense that I need use two hands to keep my fingers inside your clenching and gushing pussy.  Finally your arching back relaxes, and you collapse back onto the bed.

My fingers slide out of you, and then move to gently tickle your thighs.  I bend over to start kissing my way back up your now completely naked body, stopping to suck on your nipples, and nibble at your neck.  Finally we’re eye to eye.  Our bodies pressed tight together.  My cock already pressing between the lips of your drenched pussy.  Slowly you start grinding on my cock.  I groan and bite your lip, looking you in the eyes and reaching down between us..

"Are you ready babe?"

RE: Your response about looking for a boyfriend...

I'm ALWAYS looking for a boyfriend that can keep up with me (LOL) One day I might get lucky...

So a new question for you. Do guys worry about kissing a girl? Like a chic typically thinks "oh my gosh, do I have coffee breath" or "are my lips soft enough?" or even "how do I let him know I'm down with that kiss, without seeming overanxious?" Yes, most girls I know actually put that much thought into it. :) Your views are appreciated...just like your bod! <3 <3 <3

Guys are usually nervous the first time, but once that threshold’s been crossed, it’s usually pretty effortless to go in for more.  Yeah I think about my breath, but if it checks out I don’t give it a second thought.

And my cue for that first kiss is eye contact.  If you’re sitting close to someone, and there’s that tension..  That beautiful tension that sends tingles down your entire body every time their body so much as brushes against yours.  And you wonder if they’re feeling that same thing.  You brush each other’s legs, testing for a reaction.  Maybe looking up at each other’s faces shyly.

But once you start the eye contact, and you have a continuous connection of her hand on your leg, or maybe even holding hands, everything becomes instantly more intimate.  If the eye contact lasts for more than 4 or 5 seconds, i’ll start to bite my lip and move my hand.  If she does the same.. then yeah, that kiss is about to happen.

Do girls tend to feel the same way?

mm Your cock looks so good I want you to handcuff me and shove it down my throat and pull on my hair while I'm on my knees sucking you. And then you can cum on my lips and I'll lick it all up ;) After that one of my girl friends can join us and we can have a sexy little threesome. My pussy is so wet thinking about it

Awww you think my cock looks good?  Well i’d love to shove it down your throat.  But just for a bit, because I wanna throw you onto my bed, and fuck you from behind while pulling you back into me with your hair.  I’m gonna fucking slam into you so hard you’ll pass out when you cum.

Then when you wake up, You’ll be handcuffed to my bed, with your friend sitting over your face, grinding her pussy into your mouth, while I slam my dick back into your dripping cunt the second you wake up.

That sound good love?  <33

..come visit sometime!   ;)

i'm lying spread eagle, chained to a bed, wearing only 4 inch heels and a corset. what are you gonna do? details ;)

I’d eat you out slowly.. Making sure to lightly flick your clit with the tip of my tongue, and suck on your pussy lips, licking up all your cum.

Then I would un-strap your corset, kissing up your body.  Stopping only to suck on and play with your nipples.  Then i’d kiss up your neck, finally kissing you hard on the mouth, all while letting my hard cock, gently press into your dripping wet pussy lips.

I’d bit your lip, and slam myself into you.  Pressing against you while you thrusted against your bonds.  When you stopped struggling, i’d very slowly pull out my dick, and fucking SLAM it back into you.  That’s when I wouldn’t be able to take any more, and start fucking you hard and fast.  Shoving a pillow under your ass for a better angle, you start rolling your hips to meet mine.

Finally with sweat making our bodies glisten, your pussy starts to squeeze.  Milking my cock, starting a chain reaction of jerking and throbbing.  I pick up speed and you cry out, grabbing your hips i’m slamming myself into you, over and over, as my cock erupts inside you.  Cum dripping out as we start to slow down.  We catch our breath and start into each other’s eyes.  Trying to decide if it’s time to pass out, or continue in the shower..   ;)


I'm a 27 year old guy who loves all women, and just can't get enough of them :) I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy putting it out there.

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