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Tokyo Game Show 2011 Models! ↘

Check out the models from the booths.  So fucking hot!

..i think #11’s the hottest.  ;)

Who wants to come over and cuddle?

I’m gonna sleep in for another 30-40 minutes..  So feel free to just crawl in my bed and join me.  :)


Are You Good In Bed?? ↘

Take the test to find out now!   ..apparently im pretty good.   ;)

Lindsay Lohan's Off Probation! ↘

..check out the pictures.  ;)

Sex can burn up to 200 calories! Check out these other crazy sex facts: ↘

Real Movie? Or Porn? ↘

Play the game!!  ;)

Best places to have Sex at College!! ↘

With Pictures.  ;)

Sex Ed They Didn't Teach You In School.. ↘

Sure, they taught you the basics, but did they throw in real-life situations? I don’t think so.


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Sexy Little Porn Questions


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