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I'm ALWAYS looking for a boyfriend that can keep up with me (LOL) One day I might get lucky...

So a new question for you. Do guys worry about kissing a girl? Like a chic typically thinks "oh my gosh, do I have coffee breath" or "are my lips soft enough?" or even "how do I let him know I'm down with that kiss, without seeming overanxious?" Yes, most girls I know actually put that much thought into it. :) Your views are appreciated...just like your bod! <3 <3 <3

Guys are usually nervous the first time, but once that threshold’s been crossed, it’s usually pretty effortless to go in for more.  Yeah I think about my breath, but if it checks out I don’t give it a second thought.

And my cue for that first kiss is eye contact.  If you’re sitting close to someone, and there’s that tension..  That beautiful tension that sends tingles down your entire body every time their body so much as brushes against yours.  And you wonder if they’re feeling that same thing.  You brush each other’s legs, testing for a reaction.  Maybe looking up at each other’s faces shyly.

But once you start the eye contact, and you have a continuous connection of her hand on your leg, or maybe even holding hands, everything becomes instantly more intimate.  If the eye contact lasts for more than 4 or 5 seconds, i’ll start to bite my lip and move my hand.  If she does the same.. then yeah, that kiss is about to happen.

Do girls tend to feel the same way?


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