i'm lying spread eagle, chained to a bed, wearing only 4 inch heels and a corset. what are you gonna do? details ;)

I’d eat you out slowly.. Making sure to lightly flick your clit with the tip of my tongue, and suck on your pussy lips, licking up all your cum.

Then I would un-strap your corset, kissing up your body.  Stopping only to suck on and play with your nipples.  Then i’d kiss up your neck, finally kissing you hard on the mouth, all while letting my hard cock, gently press into your dripping wet pussy lips.

I’d bit your lip, and slam myself into you.  Pressing against you while you thrusted against your bonds.  When you stopped struggling, i’d very slowly pull out my dick, and fucking SLAM it back into you.  That’s when I wouldn’t be able to take any more, and start fucking you hard and fast.  Shoving a pillow under your ass for a better angle, you start rolling your hips to meet mine.

Finally with sweat making our bodies glisten, your pussy starts to squeeze.  Milking my cock, starting a chain reaction of jerking and throbbing.  I pick up speed and you cry out, grabbing your hips i’m slamming myself into you, over and over, as my cock erupts inside you.  Cum dripping out as we start to slow down.  We catch our breath and start into each other’s eyes.  Trying to decide if it’s time to pass out, or continue in the shower..   ;)

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