Story for a friend

Haha this is a quick little scenario i’m writing for a friend.

When I get home from work one day, I find you laying out on my couch,under a blanket, watching some TV, waiting for me.  I walk up as you flip of the TV, a wicked grin on your face.  You pull me down onto the couch, and I crawl under the blanket.  I’m instantly met with your naked skin against my clothes.  I pull you in for a kiss as you begin loosening my shirt and pants..
Freeing me from my clothes, I begin kissing down your body.  Across your 12C breasts, and down your cute smooth stomach..  Finally I reach your legs.  Kissing each thigh, I slowly move between them.  Kissing softly up your pussy lips, I follow it with a long hard lick all the way up to your clit.  Stopping to circle it with the tip of my tongue, I begin to suck on it lightly.
Moving back down I plunge my tongue inside you.  Licking and sucking on your lips as my nose flirts with your clit.  I’d suck on each side of your pussy. Licking up all the juices I can, until you’re absolutely dripping.  Then i’d kiss back up your body, kissing your neck and mouth, and finally sliding my cock into you.
I’d roll us over so that you were on top, riding and grinding into me..  I’d reach up and play with your nipples while you moved faster and faster..  building up speed, our moaning getting louder and louder until we both yell.  Your pussy tightens around my cock, and I begin jerking and twitching inside you.  Finally we both tense up, and you collapse on top of me, pulling the blankets back over us.  You lay your head on my chest for a nap, before we both get up to shower..   ;) 

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