I love reading through you're response to girls, you remind me of 50 shades. Oh wow, the thought is orgasmic. What would you do to me? I'm skinny, brunette and a virgin to everything. Come on 50 shades of fucked up, do your worst!

Mmmmm, I love brunettes..  ;)  You sound like you need a little kink in your life..  So the first thing i’d do, besides ripping all your clothes off, is to tie you up to my bed.  I’d tie your arms to 2 posts, and one of your legs to the foot of the bed.  I’d leave your second leg free, so that I could twist you and pull you into me..  ;)

Bust first i’d start by kissing up your body.. Starting on the leg that’s tied down, i’d kiss up to your knee, past your thigh, and gently kiss you right on your pussy lips.  But I wouldn’t stop there.  I’d kiss up your belly, making sure to spend time on each of your nipples, giving each a little suck.  ;)  Then i’d kiss up to your neck, nibbling it while my hands roamed around your body.  Roughly squeezing your thighs and tits.  Then i’d crawl completely over you, kissing you hard on the mouth.

You’d feel my cock pressing into your pussy lips, so i’d reach down and rub my head up and down your lips.  Spreading your juices all over myself and your aching pussy.  I’d wait until you were arching your back, trying desperately to push your body against mine, trying to feel my cock deeper inside you..  Then finally i’d thrust forward, slamming my throbbing cock into you.  I’d hold your hips against me while we basked in the amazing feeling of that first penetration..  I’d grab a breast with one hand while I slowly slide my cock out of you..  Not completely, but leaving just the head of my cock inside you, then slowly sliding all the way back inside you until I hit the back of your pussy.

I’d look into your eyes to see only absolute lust, so i’d start pumping into you faster and faster..  Picking up speed as our moaning gets louder and louder.  But I wouldn’t stop until you were screaming.  I’d twist your nipples and pound my cock into you..  Never slowing down.

Finally i’d start to feel your pussy tightening around my cock, milking it..  My own dick would start to jerk and spasm inside you, we’d pick up the speed, fucking with reckless abandon, so close..

Then your pussy lips would clamp down as a final scream leaves your lips, my cock would explode inside you in response.  2.. 3.. 4 final thrusts before we’ve collapsed on top of each other.  out of breath, but still cuddling and kissing each other’s necks.

We fall asleep together after I untie you, and dream of the next morning.. when we get to shower together.  ;)

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