I want you to tell me what would happen. We talk often on your blog and you know I'm a virgin but I invite you come to my house, and you do. I answer the door wearing heels and a rather short skirt that I figured you would enjoy. I kiss you lightly sucking gently on your lip as I pull you into the house and close the door pressing my body to yours. Giggling I take your hand and lead you upstairs to my room, pushing you on the bed and climbing on top telling you how much I want you..

Mmmm well i’d be rock hard already..  I’d begin to pull off your shirt while you work on my belt.  By the time my cock springs free, i’m already playing with your naked breasts, rolling your nipples between my fingers.

You spin around, pushing your panty-free pussy in my face, so that I can lick it up good while you start sucking on my dick.  Finally once my dick is dripping with spit, I spin you around again, and let you SLOWLY sink down onto my cock.  I fill you up inch by inch..  I can feel your spit and cum dripping down the side of my cock, as I flex inside you, making you gasp and grab my chest for support.  Finally you drop down all the way, and just sit there as we both enjoy the best feeling in the world..  ;)

I grab your hips and start pulling you forward and back.. Rocking my cock in and out of your tight pussy..  I lean forward to pull your nipples into my mouth.  Sucking on each one while my hand reaches down and finds your clit.  I start rubbing it to the rhythm of our fucking.  We begin to pick up speed and as we both become more vocal.  You begin moaning uncontrollable while I bite my lip and groan into a pillow.

I can’t take anymore so I flip us over, and start really pounding into you..  faster and faster until we’re both screaming..  My cock is spasming inside you.. your pussy is clenching down on me, milking my cock..

Finally we collapse on each other, moaning softly and giggling to each other.  And it’s there where we fall asleep holding each other, but dreaming of the awesome shower that’ll come a few hours later.  ;)

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