Yeah thanks (: so, would you write me a story? I'm so horny right now and no one to fuck. I want you to fuck me in your favourite position.

Hehe alright but quick.  I’m horny too and plan on doing something about it..  ;)

Mfff but if you were here right now.. I’d throw you onto the bed, and strip you naked.  I’d pull off my clothes and crawl up your body.  My hands would roughly explore your body.  Rubbing your nipples.. massaging down to your pussy.  I’d let my fingers sink into you, rubbing your pussy lips and pushing into your clit.

Then when you were nice and wet.. I’d turn you so that you were lying on your right side.  I’d straddle your right leg, sliding up until my cock was pressing against your pussy..  I’d grab your left leg, and hold it against my body, using it to get leverage and pull myself into you..

Then once I was fully in you, my hands would continue moving up and down your body.. playing with your tits, all while I kept up a steady fucking.

That’s my faaavorite position, because I can get in soooo deep.  Usually I can feel the back of a girl’s pussy like this..   :)

And you should send me a message or two from your blog.. I think i’m gonna like talking to you.  ;)

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