My night with D

After a long 5 and a half hour plane ride, I was eager to show up at your door.  I ring the bell.  I can feel my heart beating out of my chest.  Finally you open the door, and my breath catches.  Seeing you for the first time is just as amazing as I imagined.  I drop my bag as you jump into my arms.  Kissing my neck and holding on tightly.   I run my hands up your back, massaging you while we embrace.  You pull away and we get a good look at each other.  My eyes stray from your sparkling eyes and smile to your tantalizing cleavage..

You catch me looking tho, and grin.  Grabbing my belt, you pull me inside, and tell me that you’ve been waiting.

I follow you to the bedroom, dropping my bag in the hallway, I pull off my shirt and drop it too.  When we get to the room, you turn around and before you can say anything, I kiss you hard, pushing you back onto the bed.  You pull off your shirt, but before you can take it off completely, I grab the shirt.  Still wrapped around your arms, I quickly tie the shirt into a bow.  Pinning your arms behind you, leaving you completely helpless to me.

I rip off your pants, roughly pulling aside your panties and rubbing my hands over your wet, dripping pussy.  I rub my fingers up and down your slit.. Circling and pressing down on your clit..  When my fingers are sinking deeeeep inside you, and your juices are running freely, I know you’re ready.  So I pull down my pants the rest of the way, and free my rigid cock.  Lining it up with your pussy, I slam myself into you from behind.  Your face is buried in your pillows while I slam into you over and over again..

All you can do is moan and yell.  Your hands clench the sheets.  Gripping tighter and tighter as I slam into you..  You can’t take it any more, you start all out screaming when I hold you up and continue slamming into you.  I reach around and pinch your clit..

That drives you over the edge.. Your pussy clenches down on my cock, and milks me.  I explode inside you, my dick spasming inside your soaking wet cunt.  I can feel our cum dripping out of your pussy as it clenches and relaxes involuntarily..

You fall asleep under my arm..  With me inside you, ready to fuck you again as soon as one of us wakes up..  ;)

Edit: I’m sorry to say this is not a true story.  Just a fantasy written out for a VERY sweet follower.  <333

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