I'm 5'3, brunette, weigh 115 lbs, and im 19, describe a scenario for me love?(;

Haha alright..  Tell me if you enjoy it.  ;)

Today you find yourself coming home late from class.  Opening the door to your dorm, The first thing you notice is me, waiting for you on the bed.  I jump up to hug you, and you can’t believe your eyes.  I made an early flight and was able to come a whole day early.

You pounce on me, knocking me onto the bed.  I kiss you hard, rolling us over, and holding your wrists down while I kiss you.  I kiss your lips, then down your neck, and across your chest..  Slowly I continue kissing down your body, brushing past your nipples through the fabric of your shirt.

Unbuttoning your pants, I slide them off you.  Kissing the insides of your thighs, I go back and forth.  Barely letting my tongue glide across the fabric of your panties..  I can taste you on the very tip of my tongue.  Finally I stop and give you a long, hard kiss right between your pussy lips.  Sucking on your lips through the fabric brings out more and more juices.  You struggle to pull them off as quickly as your can while I massage and tickle your thighs while you frantically try to get naked as quickly as possible.

Finally you kick away your panties and spread your legs, itching to rub your pussy yourself, to relieve some of the building pressure.  But I hold your arms back, and lean back in to continue sucking on those lips..

I let my tongue run up and down your dripping wet pussy lips.  Stopping at the clit to flick it with my tongue.  I close my lips on it, and suck it into my mouth while flicking my tongue across it from behind my lips.

As your body starts to rock and buck against my face, I let my hands slide up your legs, letting my fingers slide up and down your moist lips, slipping two in, bending them up and twisting them around..  I’d make you gasp by plunging my mouth back into your clit, sucking and licking it while rubbing and massaging my fingers inside you.  Beckoning inside you, I follow the rhythm of your body.  Your bucking gets so intense that I need use two hands to keep my fingers inside your clenching and gushing pussy.  Finally your arching back relaxes, and you collapse back onto the bed.

My fingers slide out of you, and then move to gently tickle your thighs.  I bend over to start kissing my way back up your now completely naked body, stopping to suck on your nipples, and nibble at your neck.  Finally we’re eye to eye.  Our bodies pressed tight together.  My cock already pressing between the lips of your drenched pussy.  Slowly you start grinding on my cock.  I groan and bite your lip, looking you in the eyes and reaching down between us..

"Are you ready babe?"

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